You Will Learn...

Learn how thoughts really do create your reality, and leverage a few simple ideas to start creating radical transformation in your life.

  • How Thoughts Create Reality

  • What Resonance Is and Why It Matters

  • The Mechanics of Vibration and How The Law of Attraction Works

  • How to Follow Your Joy in Every Moment

  • Practical Exercises to Apply The Law of Attraction to Your Life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • The Simple Secrets of Effortless Manifestation
    • The Basic Principles of Attraction
    • Working With The Law of Attraction
    • Making The Most of The Workshop
  • 2

    Thoughts Create Reality

    • Thoughts Create Reality
    • Exercise: Observing the Impact of Thought
    • What Is Resonance?
    • The Key to Intuitive Knowing
    • Guided Meditation and Thought Exercise
    • How To Gain Control of Your Thoughts
    • Moving Thoughts Into Alignment
    • Exercise: Pick a Thought Every Minute
    • Using Momentum To Overcome Resistance
    • Exercise: Echo Affirmations Using The 3 Magic Phrases
  • 3

    Living in Vibrational Alignment

    • The Mechanics of Vibration
    • Exercise: "Seeing" Vibration
    • Viewing Life in Terms of Energy
    • Exercise: Correlating Energy and Outcome
    • Trusting Synchronicity
    • Common Obstacles to Manifestation
    • Training Vibrational Muscle
    • Exercise: The Game of Manifestation
    • The Trail of Excitement
  • 4

    Applying The Law of Attraction to Your Life

    • Prioritizing Your Happiness
    • Starting a Meditation Habit
    • Exercise: Stepping Back to Breathe
    • Exercise: Create a Happy List
    • Next Steps: Where Do I Go From Here?

Simple Secrets for Effortless Manifestation

Learn How The Law of Attraction Really Works, Attract the Wealth You Deserve, and Create More Prosperity in Your Life.

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