The Positive Thinking Playbook

Discover a Simple 3-Step Strategy to Master Your Mood

  • Become Aware of Your Thoughts

    Unconditional happiness begins when you train your mind to identify what your are thinking, and why you are having that thought. You can learn to catch negativity before it begins.

  • Take a Breath & Find Center

    If you feel negative, dissociate yourself from that negativity by developing a diverse set of techniques, such as: stepping back, breath exercises, and mindfulness exercises.

  • Choose a Better-Feeling Thought

    Choosing the thoughts you prefer to think is your primary responsibility. Your only goal is to let the next thought you think feel slightly better than the last.

You Will Learn...

start your path to a positive and empowered mindset. In this 10-lesson playbook, you'll learn the keys to working with positive thoughts, complete with exercises to apply in your daily life.

  • The Fundamental Strategy for Positive Thinking.

  • Common Negative Traps and How to Overcome Them.

  • Practical Exercises to Use Anytime, Anywhere.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Positive Thinking Playbook

    • Lesson 1: The Dangers of Positive Thinking
    • Lesson 2: Blinded By Focus
    • Lesson 3: How To Practice Positivity
    • Lesson 4: The Fundamental Strategy for Positive Thinking
    • Lesson 5: Don't Beat Yourself Up
    • Lesson 6: Catching Complaints
    • Lesson 7: Changing State
    • Lesson 8: Positive Scripting
    • Lesson 9: Softening Vocabulary
    • Lesson 10: Committing to Positive Change

Positive Thinking Begins Right Here, Right Now.

If you consistently you choose better-feeling thoughts, you enter into a positive spiral in which your world becomes more and more joyful.

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