The Stepping Back Playbook

How to Find Peace in the Modern World

  • Increase Your Awareness

    Stepping Back is the first step towards gaining awareness of your thoughts and the stories you create, paving the way for a happier, more peaceful way of life.

  • Find Your Center

    Taking a few seconds to yourself, throughout the day, will dramatically increase your ability to remain calm, focused, and centered, no matter what.

  • Build a Habit of Joy

    This course gives you the tools you need to choose joy, every day. As you practice them, you will begin to re-train your mind, and experience life in a new way.

You Will Learn...

The Stepping Back Playbook offers 10 lessons and exercises to help you create peace, joy, and well-being in any circumstance.

  • Why Stepping Back is one of the best habits for sustaining happiness, every happy.

  • Key strategies to build this habit in your own life.

  • Simple exercises you can do anytime, anywhere.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Stepping Back Playbook

    • Lesson 1: 30 Seconds to Change Your Life FREE PREVIEW
    • Lesson 2: Taking Time for Peace
    • Lesson 3: Creating a Daily Habit
    • Lesson 4: How Much Is Enough?
    • Lesson 5: Single Word Mantras
    • Lesson 6: Short Affirmations
    • Lesson 7: Lingering in Ujjayi
    • Lesson 8: Conscious Smiling
    • Lesson 9: Setting an Intention
    • Lesson 10: Putting It Together
    • Record Your Progress

Start Your Path Today

Happiness and well-being are choices you make in every passing moment. It isn't difficult, but you must choose peace, right now.

Let's Get Started...

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